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New South Wales, Australia

A-Maze-In Mind is an innovative, 100% on-line, self-improvement tool for teens and young adults.

The emotional health and well-being of teens and young adults is often a difficult area for parents to navigate.  The A-Maze-In Mind resource provides information to young people on emotional well-being, mental health issues, resilience, relationships, managing stress, creating goals and developing plans for their future.

The information is provided via a web-based application that looks and feels like any other app the young person may have downloaded for an app store.  This familiar environment for the young people increases engagement.  The app is easy to navigate and provides 24/7 access to the resources contained within.  The resources consist of 6 e-books, weekly news updates such as blog posts, links to external articles that may be of interest, info-graphics, videos and more.  Monthly, online workshops are also available that help to reinforce the tools and strategies that are demonstrated in the app's resources.

Although this is very much a teaching tool for young people the information is not presented as such.  We know that teens and young adults do not like being told what to do so the app has been developed in consultation with young people to ensure that not only is the content relevant but that the language and method of delivery resonates with the target audience.  Tools and strategies are demonstrated and information is shared in a "show, don't tell" way that is proven to work with teens and young adults.  All of the content has been created by a degree qualified counsellor with over 10 years post qualification experience.  The tools and strategies demonstrated in the app's content have been created using evidenced-based best practices, well-known methodologies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy and Mindfulness and drawing from the counsellor's experiences of working with young people and on her own journey through mental ill-health.

We also know that parents want to be involved in the essential emotional development of their children.  This is why we offer a complimentary subscription to a parent when a 12-month subscription is purchased.  Sharing this journey and your experiences with your children is an important part of developing emotional literacy and resilience in our children.  The tools and strategies that they learn know and the increase in self-knowledge that they will acquire is something that is going to help them now and into the future.

To protect the privacy of our app users and to ensure the content is updated regularly and continues to be relevant to our clients the app is not available for download from the iTunes or Android Play store.  Access to the app is provided via email once a subscription has been purchased.  No payment details are retained by our website, organisation or web-based application.  User names and passwords for access to the application are randomly generated and only the username, password and an email address are retained by the application.  All other personal data is stored securely and are not shared with anyone outside of the organisation.


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