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My name is Roxanne and my background is in physical healthcare for the last 18 years with a focus and passion for working with children and a developing interest in children’s emotional wellbeing. The Simply Kids Wellness platform is designed to come from one mum connecting to other mums.

I have 3 children at different development stages and ages- 11-year-old tween daughter; 9-year-old son and 8-month-old daughter. You can read more about my beautiful family here. 

Simply Kids Wellness was developed when I realised parents needed a starting point for children’s health and wellness. I know it can be overwhelming and confusing for parents.

My mission is to simplify the process and connect families to health and wellness ideas for children from babies right through to teens.  Simply Kids Wellness introduces simple ideas and product recommendations and is an affiliate marketing website. It is not intended to replace or offer medical or therapeutic advice but rather advocate the basic facets of health- the mind, body and spirit connection.

I have a holistic philosophy of health and wellness being multidimensional and interrelated with mind, body and spirit. We encourage you to nurture the whole child in mind, body and spirit so they thrive.

Simply Kids Wellness is designed to introduce basic concepts such as practising mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and rest. This is so children can express themselves fully and reach optimum wellbeing. 

Recent times have seen everyone share more time together with social isolation and has highlighted the need to share kindness, regular communication and our support networks and ideas to get through.

Simply Kids Wellness focuses on specific wellness topics, exploring ideas that can increase children’s health and wellness, and connect parent’s with their children through the mind, body, and spirit. I take pride in my light-hearted approach with simplistic views. 

“It takes a village to raise a child” which means we all have to come together. Together we can develop strategies for kids to thrive and express their optimum wellness.

Wellness is proactive and Simply Kids Wellness will provide value for those parents who want to encourage and help their kids on their wellness journey. This website is a no-frills approach to Kids Wellness. I raise my cup to Mums recharging their batteries by “filling their cup” for mental, emotional and physical energy. Our kids learn via our example, and parents are reaching out to find help more than ever.

I’m not a guru, but I am a mum with a background in health and it’s time to connect with other mums. My motto for everything is “Keep it Simple” – it keeps me sane. You can find us here.


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