Are you lox tox living? In our everyday lives, there are many products that we use. Cleaning products and personal care products are the main ones that can be full of chemicals. Even if they don’t seem too bad. You would think if something is being sold in the supermarket it would be safe for everyday use right? This isn’t always the case. That is why eco-friendly and chemical-free products are becoming more popular. More and more people are starting to adapt to a low tox lifestyle and seeing many benefits with it. But what is low tox living? And how can you achieve it for your family?


What is lox tox living?

Lox tox living essentially puts your health and the health of the environment at the forefront. Rather than just buying any products off the shelf, you choose ones that are going to be beneficial for you, your family, and the environment.

It is about taking the time to research various products and make the best-informed decision. It doesn’t mean you have to go out and change your whole life at once. But as you start to change the products you use, the better your impact on the environment.


Why is low tox important?

Becoming conscious about the products you are using and the effects that they have is something many more people are doing. The chemicals within certain products can not only be bad for your personal health in the long run, but they can also be damaging to the environment.

Low tox living is important as it helps to change the impact you are having on the environment and gives it a better chance of sustaining itself.

It is also important as it helps to keep harmful chemicals away from your body. Chemicals can seep through the skin and into the blood and other inner systems simply by being applied. This goes for things such as soaps, makeup, and various creams.


What products can I change?

There are many different products you can change within your home and personal life that can contribute to a low tox lifestyle. An easy way to start your change to a low tox lifestyle is by looking at the cleaning products that you have in the home. Many cleaning products are filled with various chemicals that can be dangerous.

They can be dangerous to us as humans if they are ingested, inhaled or if you are spending a lot of time around them. And they can also be hazardous to the environment when they are tipped down the drain and also during the manufacturing process.

Skin and beauty products are also a worry. There are many different cleansers, soaps, and makeup products that are made using chemicals that can be dangerous for both you and the environment. Healthy skin care products such as It’s Clancy Yo! for kids are readily available and can teach kids how to care for their bodies and skin with natural choices.


How do I know which products to use?

It can be difficult in the beginning to determine which products to change to.

It is important that you look for products that are labelled as eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, or ‘green’

These products are normally produced with organic ingredients that are safe for you and the environment.

Many eco-friendly products are also packaged in a sustainable way. Whether it is with compostable packaging, recycled packaging, or packaging that you can recycle.

Not all products are made equal and it might take you a little while to understand the different ingredients on them. And to find one that you like.


How else can I live a low tox lifestyle?

Changing your products to eco-friendly ones is just the beginning. You can also do other things to assist with the lifestyle change. Choose natural plant-based products for your children’s health such as Eco Modern Essentials. Adding plants into your home that help purify the air is a great addition.

Also try to avoid using single-use products such as straws, coffee cups, and plastic bags. By removing these plastic single-use items and replacing them with reusable ones, you are making a huge difference to the environment (and your wallet, because costly buying these products adds up!)


Low tox living isn’t something that should scare you. Make little changes each day and before you know it you will be living a healthier life and providing a positive impact on the environment.

What other things do you do to live a lox tox lifestyle?