Family is the most important thing in life. Building a family, making memories, and providing love and support that is never-ending. Raising a family comes with many challenges, milestones, and exciting moments. It is a chance for you to bring in rituals that you did as a child. Or to create your own. Family rituals are an important part of family life. By adding them in you are providing your children with security, support, and a loving environment. But what makes family rituals important? Why should you have them? Let’s take a look at the importance of family rituals. And why you should start them with your family. A lot of families who have experienced restrictions and lockdowns have realised the importance of small rituals such as dinner together, games together and conversation with each other have nurtured children’s sense of wellbeing and security during uncertain times.


What are family rituals?

Rituals should not be confused with routines. Routines are tasks that you put in place to help your children on a day-to-day basis, such as brushing their teeth after dinner, bedtime routines, and eating dinner at the table. Rituals are similar to routines, however, they have an emotional and sentimental meaning behind them, rather than a practical one.

Rituals can be used at significant times of the year such as Christmas and birthdays or they can be used to signify family events such as Friday Night Game Night.

Rituals are meaningful and are a way to bring the family together for some quality time. Each family has its own rituals and you may have different ones to that of your friends. It is completely up to you and your family what you choose to have for your family.


Why are they important?

There are several reasons that family rituals are important and should have a place within your family life. Not only can they be a lot of fun, but they can actually be beneficial to everyone in your family.

One of the most important reasons to have rituals within your family is that it helps your child to have a sense of belonging. It shows them that the family is there for them. That together you are strong. And that there is a lot of fun that can be had with the family. Let each member of the family have a special part to play in the ritual also helps to show them their importance and that they fit in.

Other reasons why they are important is that they can provide structure and organisation. During the busy times of the year, such as Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays, rituals can help keep the event and excitement flowing. It brings with it excitement and suspense. Everyone is looking forward to the event and the part that they get to play in it. Even during times of lockdown and separation, family rituals can continue with online connections to our families and friends.

They also help to build and strengthen the bond between family members. They bring everyone together and the busy lives that we have are forgotten about during that time. It is definitely one of those times where quality over quantity comes into play. You may not get many chances to get everyone together throughout the year due to busy schedules. But during these family rituals, everyone is together and creating quality memories with each other.


How do I start?

Even if you don’t think you have family rituals, chances are you may already have some in place. Do you make the kids wait until everyone is up and in the same room to open presents at Christmas? This is a ritual.

Take the time to look at how you already do the milestone events through the year and you may find that you already have a few rituals in place.

If you are wanting to start or add more in, it is easy to do. Think about the time that you have together and what can make it more special. Whether it is dinner together once a month with grandparents or grown-up children. Or if it is something special you can add in at Christmas, such as a Christmas Eve box (google them, they are lots of fun), or a sit-down meal together after opening presents.


Family rituals are an important part of family life. If you do not already have some in place, now is the time to start. Think about your family dynamic and what you can add in that everyone will love.

What is your favourite family ritual?